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"Thanks for organizing a great California trade mission to Cuba. Your insights, knowledge and contacts helped us better understand the business environment and requirements for selling agricultural products to Cuba. No doubt, the respect Cubans have for you made it possible for us to meet so many expert and influential government officials. We are pleased with the relationships we built and the knowledge we gained, and we hope to continue building on those ties."
- AG Kawamura, Secretary of Agriculture, California

"Kirby: You did a phenomenal job putting together and running our wildly successful trip to Cuba. The guys raved about every aspect all the way home. While this wasn't the toughest group you have ever had, we are also not the easiest. I applaud your delicate balance of conviction and restraint resulting in a new point of view for all of us. These guys will thank me for years but you deserve 110% of the credit for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Muchas gracias. "
- Ed Bachrach, YPO Forum, Chicago

"After working with Kirby Jones and Alamar Associates on two separate business missions to Cuba, it is clear that Kirby and his associates are highly skilled in dealing with Cuban government officials from port managers and cabinet-level officials all the way to the very top of the politicial hierarchy, including President Castro himself. Kirby's efforts on our behalf were critical elements in our ability to meet the officials necessary for us to lay the ground work for successful future business relationships between the Port of Pensacola and the ports of Cuba."
- Charles W. Porter, Port Director, Port of Pensacola, FL

"A real opener for us to doing business with Cuba was to participate in one of the Kirby Jones-facilitated business summits when it was not fashionable to do so. This helped us understand how business was being done between the Cuban government and other trading partners. It gave us as a company the opportunity to meet and talk with the business executives of today's Cuba - the ministers of the Cuban government."
- Michael Hopkins, Vice President, Crowley Liner Services

"When the Georgia Department of Agriculture wanted to bring Georgia companies to Cuba, we asked Kirby Jones and Alamar to set up the visit. He arranged for us to meet the people we needed to see and to visit the places of interest to the participants. As a result of the trip, several Georgia firms now have their own on-going relationships with Cuban officials."
- Andres Villegas , Director of Marketing & International Trade, Georgia Department of Agriculture

"My German company has been active in Cuba for many years (1995) and I have been in several projects with Alamar Associates, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Kirby Jones is very well known and highly respected by Cuban officials in the Industry and Government at all levels. He personally understands extremely well the Cuban system and how to get things done in this emerging market."
- Hans Pittinger, Vice President, Global Accounts, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Alamar Associates 2000 L Street NW Suite 200 Washington DC 20036 T 202.530.5234

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