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Alamar Associates
Client Services
What We Have Done

  • Co-sponsor of U.S.-Cuba Business Summit, June 6-9, 2001 in Havana.
  • Two Alamar corporate clients sponsor licensed visit to Cuba by boys baseball team from Independence, Missouri.
  • Organized agenda of meetings and visit to Cuba for visit by Oklahoma Department of Commerce.
  • Provided counsel to International Chapter of YPO for February visit of 52 CEO's of U.S. and International firms.


  • In September, organized a private dinner for clients with Ricardo Alarcon, Cuba's lead negotiator with the U.S.
  • Alamar President, Kirby Jones, provided
  • testimonybefore the September hearings of the International Trade Commission.
  • Co-sponsored U.S.-Cuba Business Summit 4 held in Havana and Cancun.


  • Alamar organized a Washington, D.C. seminar with Maria de la Luz B'Hamel, Director of North America in Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Trade.
  • Sponsored U.S.-Cuba Business Summit 3 - May 19-22 - where dozens of U.S. executives met with Cuban officials and members of the international business community currently operating in Cuba.
  • Several representatives from the financial community met with the President of the Cuban Central Bank, Francisco Soberon, at a private Alamar briefing in New York in April.


  • Assisted client to make licensed donation of power generator for Cuban Hospital in Santiago.
  • Sponsor of U.S.-Cuba Business Summits - March 4-6 and September 9-12 - where more than 100 U.S. executives met with Cuban Ministers, officials, and potential business counterparts.
  • A dozen company representatives met with Cuban Minister of Economy, Jose Luis Rodriguez, at a private Alamar - hosted dinner in New York in May.
  • Alamar President, Kirby Jones participated in the "Firing Line" debate on Cuba broadcast nationally on PBS in August.


  • Alamar President, Kirby Jones, co-authored: "Havana, 1974: Around Town with Fidel," published in "The Readers Companion to Cuba", Harcourt Brace & Co.


  • Alamar President, Kirby Jones, chaired the Euromoney Conferences on Trade and Investment in Cuba which were held in Havana and London.


  • Alamar organized, with Euromoney, the first conference in Cancun and Havana.


  • Consultant to ABC News "Nightline" for visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to Cuba.


  • Wrote and published benchmark study on "Opportunities for U.S. Business in Cuba" which was commissioned by the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), of The Johns Hopkins University.
  • Author of "The Issue of Claims as Seen by the United States" published in "Subject to Solution: Problems in Cuba-U.S. Relations", Lynne Reiner Publishers.


  • Consultants to NBC News "Sunday TODAY" to arrange interview with Cuban President, Fidel Castro.


  • As Special Correspondent for PBS, Kirby Jones interviewed Fidel Castro for national documentary, "In the Shadow of Doubt", which was narrated by the late Raul Julia.


  • As consultant to several U.S. companies, helped arrange some of the first trade with Cuba by subsidiaries of U.S. firms involving sugar, copper, and medical supplies
  • Consultants to CBS "60 Minutes" for Dan Rather interview with Fidel Castro.


  • As consultant to Caribbean Holidays, arranged first legal tourist visits by Americans to Cuba on weekly TWA charter flights from New York.


  • Arranged and led groundbreaking week long state trade delegations to Cuba involving over 200 U.S. firms from Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Florida.


  • Presented testimony before U.S. Congress in hearings on U.S.-Cuba relations. Co-author, "With Fidel: A Portrait of Castro and Cuba", Playboy Press and Ballantine Books.


  • As Special Correspondent for CBS News, participated with Dan Rather in landmark interview with Fidel Castro for "CBS Reports: Castro, Cuba, and the USA" awarded "Certificate for Excellence in Foreign Affairs Reporting" from Overseas press Club.

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