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Delegates of the U.S.-Cuba Business Summit in a question/answer session with Cuban officials

Some Feedback

Participants in the Summits have expressed, in writing, their opinion of their experiences as follows:

"we were quite successful in our visit which gave us entrance to places we would not otherwise have been able to so quickly visit...

congratulations on a terrific event...

The Summit was professionally organized and all the right Cuban officials were at our disposal during the trip...

an overwhelming success...

Thanks again for creating such great opportunities for U.S. ...

You made a very difficult business trip look easy..."


Plenary Session at Cuban Convention Center: (from L) Francisco Soberon, President of the Central Bank; Ricardo Cabrisas, Minister of Government; Ibrahim Ferradaz, Minister of Tourism; Ricardo Alarcon, President of National Assembly; Kirby Jones; Jose Luis Rodriguez, Minister of Economy; Miguel Figueras, Special Advisor to Minister of Tourism.


Alamar president Kirby Jones greets Cuba President Fidel Castro at a post-conference reception

Results of U.S.-Cuba Business Conference...
co-sponsored by Alamar
in February 2003
in Havana and Cancun

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spacer spacer spacer us Cuba Business Summits

In five U.S.-Cuba Business Summits, more than 400 executives from U.S. firms have met Cuban economic policy makers and products specialists as a first step in their learning about this new market.

Companies and organizations from the United States, U.K., Canada, Israel, Italy, and Cuba have joined Alamar Associates to cosponsor this unique series of meetings, including: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Miramar Trade Center, World Development Services, USA*Engage, National Foreign Trade Council, Financial Times, Cristobal, desoft s.a., Shandwick International, Patton Boggs LLP, North American Partners Group, U.S.-Cuba Trade Association, Cuba Trade and Investment News, Genoil, Inc., Grupo B.M., MacDonald Mines, Cubacan, and Medical Device Manufacturers Association.

These Summits have offered the business executives the opportunity to learn about the realities of the Cuban economy, foreign investment and trade procedures, bank and finance regulations, and the impact of reforms from the Cuban officials who are responsible for the management of the development of Cuban business. Cuban officials who have participated in the five U.S.-Cuba Business Summits include (titles at time of participation):

  • Fidel Castro, President, Councils of State and Ministers
  • Carlos Lage, Vice President, Council of State
  • Ricardo Alarcon, President, National Assembly
  • Marta Lomas, Minister of Foreign Investment
  • Raul de la Nuez, Minister of Foreign Trade
  • Francisco Soberon, President, Cuban Central Bank
  • Pedro Alvarez, Chairman, Alimport
  • Ernesto Senti, then first Vice-Minister, Ministry of Foreign Investment
  • Mirta Villanueva, First Deputy Minister of Economy
  • Jose Gonzalez Frances, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Economy and Planning
  • Yliana Rey Vichol, Vice Minister of Economy
  • Ramon Diaz Vallina, Vice Minister of Public Health
  • Maria de la Luz BHamel, Director of North America, Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • Ruben Ramos, Director of North America Ministry of Foreign Investment
  • Jose Manual Sanchez Cruz, Director Central Bank
  • Ana Maria Lopez Garcia, Vice-President, Unecamoto
  • Rafael Hernandez, Vice-President, Cubalse
  • Elvira Castro, President, Conas
  • Jorge Nunez, Chief of Negotiations, Ministry of Tourism
  • Alfredo Reyes, President, Inmobliaria Lares and Vice-President Cubalse
  • Jose Julio Rodriguez, President, Nueva Banca Group
  • Pedro Cruza, GEOMINERA, Ministry of Basic Industry
  • Abdias Peon Garcia, President, Cuban Port Association, Ministry of Transportation
  • Juan Fleitas Melo, Director, CUPET
  • Miguel Alvarez, Advisor to the President, National Assembly
  • Miguel Figueras, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Tourism
  • Ariel Ricardo, Dept. of U.S. Ministry of Foreign Relations
  • Gustavo Machin, Director, Dept. of North America, Ministry of Foreign Relations
  • Ramon Martinez, Chairman, Esicuba
  • Alexander Perez, Alimport
  • Yaili Escobar, Alimport

    Executives have also heard from representatives of firms already doing business in Cuba from other countries.

  • Nicola Cecchi, President, Cristobal
  • Hans Pittinger, Vice President, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  • Sergio Meisler, Managing Director, Grupo B.M.
  • David McMillan, President,Cuban Club Resorts
  • Peter Scott, President, Genoil
  • Frank Smeenk, President, MacDonald Mines

And at each Summit, every executive was able to meet privately with the specialist in Cuba with whom they have to deal to eventually conduct any business. The Summit delegates have come mostly from the United States, but have also included representatives from companies in England, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Cayman Islands. Delegates have represented such diverse sectors as food and agribusiness, shipping and transportation, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, energy and mining, real estate development, computers, construction, financial services, and tourism.

To compliment the Cuban speakers, prominent Americans have also participated.

  • Sam Gibbons, former Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee; Chairman, Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba
  • Daniel OFlaherty, National Foreign Trade Council
  • William Lane, former Chairman, USA*Engage
  • Dan Waltz, Partner, Patton Boggs
  • Delvis Fernandez, President, Cuban American Alliance
  • Craig Fuller, former Chief of Staff for VP Bush
  • Lissa Weinmann, Executive Director, Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba
  • Bob Schwartz, Director, Cuba Medical Project of Disarm Education Fund
  • Wayne Smith, former Head, U.S. Interests Section, Havana

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